I am a full time carer to my Dad, who has Lewy Body Dementia. He also has Parkinsons Disease. I have written my blog, from a carers view. Hence A week with Mr Lewy Body.

My aim is to bring awareness to Lewy Body Dementia, and how it effects the sufferer and the carer. The blog was written over a week at silly o’ clock , highlighting the high and lows.

Please click on HOME button to read my blog. If you are touched by the story, please donate to the societies at the bottom of the blog.

3 Responses to "About"

Thank you for raising awareness of this cruel illness.. Brilliant blog, full of mixed emotions.

Hi Karen, thanks for your moving blog and for raising awareness. I am currently doing research into the experiences of carers of those with a Lewy Body Dementia Diagnosis. If you would be interested in speaking to me or would like to discuss further please get in touch. Laura

Hello Laura,
I have just published the final chapter of Mr Lewy Body.It was a difficult one to write, but pleased i did.
Take care

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